Yaprak Hair Clinic

The cost of hair transplant depends on the number of grafts needed

HAIR TRANSPLANT - Regrow Your Hair


  • Gain Back your Youthful Appearance
  • Increase your Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

How do we do it?

Natural, Lasting, Hair Transplants. No Scarring. Short Recovery Period. Local Anaesthetic.

What does it cost?

Average head of hair for around $20,000 NZD +GST (based on 2000 transplanted grafts).

Who does it?

Registered, Qualified, Plastic Surgeon. Many years of experience in all areas of surgery.

Free Online Consultation

Fill out the form and send some photos for a free estimate of how much the surgery would cost you.

Where are we?

Based in Hamilton, we are centrally located and cater for the whole of New Zealand.


Hair Transplant - Hair restoration NZ
Great results from a hair transplant patient.